Morris Adjmi Architects

Townhouses of Cobble Hill

This procession of nine brick townhouses comprises a single, refurbished three-story structure and five new buildings that have been seamlessly integrated into the streetscape of Cobble Hill. The existing brick structure was renovated to create four single-family homes resembling traditional townhouses, each with distinct entries, stoops, cornices, and other classic details that are common to the Brooklyn vernacular. The larger new buildings were designed as more contemporary interpretations of the classic Brooklyn type, with garages, oversized casement windows, a simple continuous cornice tying them together, and a projecting two-story bay marking the corner. All the townhouses offer spacious open floor plans and other modern amenities while preserving the character of Cobble Hill.


Image Credits: Field Condition, DBOX

Brooklyn, New York
21,000 square feet
3 stories
9 units

Cobble Hill Historic District