Morris Adjmi Architects

The Williams

Located on the site of a former industrial bakery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, The Williams apartment building stands on a block surrounded by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, the Marcy Avenue J/M/Z elevated subway line, and the Williamsburg Bridge. The building was designed to balance the grand scale of the roadways and railways with the smaller brick townhouses and warehouses that are integral to the character of the neighborhood. Its two-story plinth evokes the industrial architecture that attracts many residents to Williamsburg, relating to the immediate context and scale of the street and encouraging new pedestrian activity. The 11-story tower rising up from the center of the plinth’s landscaped roof is wrapped in a brick grid that defines three-story bays accentuated by a deep metal frames and subdivided by walls of operable, factory-style windows. It’s scale complaints the nearby infrastructure while still respecting the borough’s history and architectural context.


Image Credits: Matthew Williams

Brooklyn, New York
90,000 square feet
13 stories
82 units