Morris Adjmi Architects

The High Line Building

450 West 14th Street—aka “The High Line Building”—was one of the first buildings constructed during the development of the High Line elevated park. The new glass-and-steel office tower rests on a renovated 1938 meatpacking plant that’s not only pierced through by the old industrial rail, but also structurally tied into it. Clad with a grid of operable, factory-style windows, the tower’s design reflects the industrial character of the High Line and the Meatpacking District as a whole. Its rigid geometry is broken only by a subtle indentation on the north and west facades, which gently bends inward to indicate the angle at which the High Line bores through its Art Deco base. Like the High Line itself, the High Line Building illustrates the cultural and economic value in reinvigorating industrial structures with a thoughtful contemporary intervention.


Image Credits: Jimi Billingsley, Matthew Williams

New York, New York
100,000 sf
15 stories