Morris Adjmi Architects

One Hill South

One Hill South is a new apartment building occupying half a block in Washington DC’s Navy Yard. A checkerboard pattern of two-story projections distinguishes the glass mid-rise from the similarly scaled office and residential buildings in the quickly developing neighborhood. The super-scaled staggered volumes are based on a unique interpretation of a local zoning allowance that permits projecting bays and more commonly manifests in the form of vertical bay windows.


The building’s deceptively simple appearance belies its highly technical execution. It’s facade functions as a window wall along the slabs at top and bottom of each projection, and like a curtain wall installed in front of the slabs between; sections of the assembly are built from a carefully selected spandrel glass used to conceal One Hill South’s concrete structure and mechanical systems. The regular rhythm of the vertical fins, which are finished with a custom “MA Gray” coating, give the facade an added depth and sense of movement.


The projections also create pairs of alternating floor plates, which provides greater options for potential tenants interested in one of the 383 studios, one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments arranged around the building’s central courtyard. Each unit features open floor plans and luxurious finishes, including oak floors, walnut cabinetry, and marble surfaces. Resident amenities include a fitness center and private lounges with views onto the courtyard, as well as a large landscaped roof terrace feature a swimming pool and outdoor dining areas.


One Hill South has proven to be such a success for the client, that it will soon be joined by an adjacent sister structure that is wholly unique but complements the rhythm, form, and feeling of the original building. The new building will complete the block to enclose One Hill South’s courtyard and continue the transformation of Washington D.C.’s Navy Yard.


Image credits: Alan Karchmer and Scott Frances/OTTO

Washington, D.C.
575,000 square feet
13 stories
383 units