Morris Adjmi Architects

Atlantic Plumbing – C

The third phase of the Atlantic Plumbing development consists of two 11-story, through-block structures joined together by a six-story skybridge. Although Atlantic Plumbing C shares a general sensibility with the two previous buildings, it has a more restrained design that reflects the changes in the neighborhood that have occurred since the completion of the more industrial Atlantic Plumbing buildings, and anticipates further growth as the area continues to mature.


On the north side of the site, a glass rental building is wrapped in a screen of multi-colored terracotta baguettes. The screen’s depth and its warm colors recall older masonry structures—an effect reinforced by the regular openings that evoke punched windows in a masonry facade. Inside, a similar effect is achieved with walnut, brass and leather finishes that give the building’s refined public spaces a historic resonance. On floors four through nine, the apartments continue into the glass and concrete skybridge that spans a new internal street—inspired by the Dutch woonerf, or “living street”—and connects the rental building to the structure on the south side of the site, a hotel clad in a glass and metal curtain-wall. The skybridge’s concrete supports angle down to the street, becoming an architectural focal point in the newly created space and a gateway to the project from the east. The street itself, which restores a connection through the block that was removed long ago, is lined on both sides with new retail spaces. It is designed for both pedestrian and light automotive traffic and may be further extended as future developments are completed.

Washington, D.C.
354,000 square feet
11 stories
161 units
95 guest rooms