Morris Adjmi Architects

950 South Capitol

Adjacent to Morris Adjmi Architect’s One Hill South project, 950 South Capitol complements the rhythm, form, and feeling of its sister structure while remaining wholly unique. As a reinterpretation of One Hill South’s super-scaled glass projections, the façade of 950 South Capitol features a pattern of two-story bays in alternating bands of medium gray granite and dark gray metal—a woven connection between the two distinctive buildings.

To add depth and interest to its longest façade, the bays along South Capitol Street are staggered within offset planes. By contrast, the building’s rounded corners are reminiscent of the historic Hecht Company Warehouse and other iconic “streamline moderne” architecture examples found throughout the District. Executed with more fluid geometry than its precedents, the rounded corners of wrapped glass are also meant to interpret the movement and spirit of South Capitol Street. Along the ground plane, the storefront is clad in the same granite as the stories above, differentiated through a “flamed” finish.

Perhaps the building’s most dramatic design feature, a five-story drive aisle punctures the K Street Street façade, serving as an iconic gateway for residents. The new building at 950 South Capitol Street will complete the block, enclosing One Hill South’s courtyard and continuing the transformation of Washington’s Navy Yard.

Washington, D.C.
297,000 square feet
13 stories
305 units