Morris Adjmi Architects

138-142 North 10th Street

Drawing on Williamsburg’s historic past, 138 North 10th Street is a six-story residential building that offers a chic interpretation of the contemporary warehouse-style building. Seamlessly blending the post-industrial Brooklyn aesthetic with an Italian Modernist sensibility, its board-formed concrete base supports an elegant facade comprising generously sized warehouse windows whose aluminum frames project from a carefully engineered grid of thin brick piers and spandrels. Though inspired by its context, there’s a delicate lightness to the building that distinguishes it from the brick boxes that line 10th Street. This lightness carries throughout the building’s nine units, creating a sense of continuity between the exterior to interior. The building features two triplexes with private gardens and naturally lit basements, two 2-story penthouses offering private terraces, and five additional floor-through apartments. Every unit is flooded with natural light and finished with a discerning palette of rich materials, including wide-plank wood flooring and natural stone countertops selected to accent the open plan, artful detailing, and custom furnishings. Refined without being austere, the project reflects a dedication to contemporary craftsmanship and offers residents a singular architectural experience.

Brooklyn, NY
15,000 sf
6 stories
10 units