Morris Adjmi Architects

134 Wooster

134 Wooster brings contemporary office and retail space to the SoHo-Cast Iron Historic District with a design that offers a unique interpretation of the neighborhood’s traditional cast-iron and masonry buildings, many of which incorporate arched windows or recesses to articulate their traditional tripartite facades. 134 Wooster brings these arches to the foreground as the building’s primary organizing principle. Its two-part facade comprises a stepped glass curtain wall behind a screen of stacked steel arches whose changing rhythm and depth clearly express the tripartite separation of base, middle, and top. The scale and proportions of the thin, unadorned arches and attenuated columns imbue the facade with an almost Venetian quality, which is particularly apt as many early pioneers of cast-iron architecture admired and imitated the lightness and openness of the Venetian Renaissance style. Despite its ostensible simplicity, there’s a warmth and richness to 134 Wooster that carries through to the building’s interior. In the floor-through offices, board-formed concrete ceilings evoke old timber or pressed tin, and the views through the full-height windows, framed by a row of deep arches, capture the feeling of looking out the punched openings of a thick masonry wall.

New York, New York
26,000 square feet
7 stories

SoHo Cast Iron Historic District