Morris Adjmi Architects

116 University Place

Located just south of Union Square, this six-story corner condominium’s stepped brick details give its facade a depth and dynamism evocative of the neighborhood’s mid-rise masonry buildings and brick townhouses, while still being rooted firmly in the present. The stepped motif recurs in the brick canopies marking the entries to the ground floor commercial space and residential lobby, at the top of the building where the masonry facade ends with a subtle inverted cornice, and, most visibly, in the stepped brick recessed surrounding the building’s irregular grid of single-pane windows. The subtle shift in window sizes reflects the layout of the five full-floor units, whose open plans, muted oak and marble finishes, and custom shaker-inspired cabinetry, create a sense of continuity between the exterior and interior design.


Image credits: Jimi Billingsley, Rich Caplan

New York, New York
20,000 square feet
6 stories
5 units