Morris Adjmi Architects

11 Great Jones

11 Great Jones is influenced by the old manufacturing buildings found through the NoHo and Soho Historic Districts, but the details are informed by the work of artists who settled those buildings after industry abandoned them — most significantly, Donald Judd. An untitled Judd sculpture directly inspired the rental building’s pilasters, which read as Judd-esque metal channels running through a brick box. The artist’s home, located just a few blocks away, inspired further changes. The pilasters on his nineteenth-century cast-iron building increase in size as they rise up the building’s facade. Similarly, 11 Great Jones’ metal pilasters grow with each floor above street level, thereby reducing the size of their brick surrounds, until they emerge at the top of the building as naked metal columns wrapping an outdoor terrace. The change is subtle, but it introduces a sense of movement to the building and a level of articulation that recalls the district’s more detailed traditional facades. The building, like NoHo itself, was influenced by artists. Its design evokes the neighborhood’s past while resonating with the markedly contemporary buildings ushering in the next phase of its evolution.


Image Credit:  Jimi Billingsley, Matthew Williams


New York, New York
18,000 square feet
6 stories
8 units

NoHo Historic District