Morris Adjmi Architects

Saskia Boelsums

January 18 - May 16, 2018


Morris Adjmi Architects is proud to present the work of Dutch visual artist Saskia Boelsums.


Enchanted by the same landscapes that inspired Paulus Potter, Salomon van Ruysdael, and Willem Maris, Saskia shares a sensibility, as well as her subject matter, with the great Dutch master painters. Though her chosen medium is different, her vast skies, lonely beaches, and impossibly tangled bramble fields reveal a similar sensitivity to space, light, and texture, which she cultivated over years of working as an installation artist.


Saskia neatly contains all of her expansive horizons and wild landscapes within the rigorous formal boundaries of the square. The square is pure. The square is modern. The square is the basic unit of The Grid and, as the defining shape of our Instagram age, it is the frame through which many of us now see and experience the world. Reveling in the constraints imposed by the square, Saskia challenges herself with each work to capture the real (and the magical) within the most rational of forms.


























Image Credits: Ettienne Frossard