Morris Adjmi Architects

Nathalie Herbalin

September 17 - October 25, 2019


“Rituals for Long Distances” is an exhibition produced in collaboration with Emmanuel Barbault Gallery and curated by Isabel Le Normand


Nathanaëlle Herbelin paints deeply psychological interiors that fuse elements of geometric abstraction with references to Early Renaissance masters such as Giotto, Fra Angelico, and Piero della Francesca. A distinct sense of place and an appreciation of ritual anchors Herbelin’s ephemeral work.


Born in 1989 to French and Israeli parents, the artist grew up in Israel and now divides her time between Tel Aviv and Paris. She studied at The Cooper Union in New York and completed her education at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. @nathanaelleherbelin








Image Credits: Emmanuel Frossard