Morris Adjmi Architects

About MA Art

Morris Adjmi Architects (MA) is built on a foundation of four distinct but complementary practices: Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, and Art. Engaging this multidisciplinary foundation, MA Art—a division within MA’s studio-based practice—provides comprehensive services to develop and deliver art programs that add value to our clients’ architecture and interior design projects and enhance the built environment. MA has delivered a wide range of art programs, working seamlessly with clients, project teams, project consultants, artists, and even regulatory agencies to create lasting impressions within a building’s interior, as part of a building’s exterior, as well as for public realm projects.


Each bespoke art program begins with a careful assessment of the project and the client’s objectives, budget, and timeline for the implementation of art services. MA Art then works closely with the client, often in parallel with our architects and/or interior designers, to develop a sensitive and sensible art program for the project, considering how to best match the client’s goals and objectives with the architectural and/or interior design. Core services include:


Selection & Acquisition
MA Art excels in the selection and acquisition of appropriate artworks to complement architecture and interior designs. Services include the selection of individual pieces for common areas, such as lobbies, plazas, and other interior or exterior amenity spaces, as well as scalable programs to meet the needs of larger hospitality and commercial projects. Once the art selection process is complete, MA also provides program management and direction for all phases including, acquisition, commission, transport, framing, placement, installation and photographic documentation for all works of art.


Concept Design & Development
MA Art specializes in the conceptual design and development of site-specific, custom works, including interior or exterior sculptures, signage, and murals, and other unique installations. MA Art also advises on the visual appearance of project sites under construction to promote our client collaborations and enhance a project’s curb appeal.


Specification & Implementation
Whether sourcing a custom sculpture base, selecting a cable-based art hanging system, or specifying durable surfaces and installation methods to protect art in high use zones, MA Art specializes in the role and function of designated art areas and important design considerations for each.


As a model for the interaction between art and architecture, MA Art organizes regular art and design exhibitions within our office in downtown Manhattan—featuring artists and designers whose work stimulates and enlivens the discussion central to our mission.