Morris Adjmi Morris Adjmi Architects

Morris Adjmi Architects interpret the historic forces that shape our cities to design buildings that are both contextual and contemporary. Our diverse team of architects, interior designers, and administrators is guided by a shared belief that timeless ideas about beauty and harmony can be integrated into the modern built environment, but the expression of those ideas must reflect the way we live today. MA’s collaborative, research-based approach has helped establish us as a leader in the revitalization of post-industrial neighborhoods and historic districts with commercial, residential, and cultural projects that are imbued with a distinct sense of place and purpose.

Morris Adjmi established the firm in New York City in 1997 following a 13-year, collaboration with the renowned Italian architect Aldo Rossi. On that strong foundation, he built a practice inspired by the arts and by new technologies as well as history and tradition. Today, with projects under construction around the world, we’re recognized for our thoughtful engagement with the past, artistic sensibility, and creative use of materials. From unexpected twists on classic building types like the glass interpretation of a cast-iron façade at 7 West 21st Street or the shimmering metallic doubling of a brick warehouse that is the Sterling Mason, to literally twisting buildings such as 837 Washington Street, which embodies the collision of Manhattan’s primary street grids, Morris Adjmi Architects is committed to bringing innovation, meaning, and authenticity to every design.