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The Sterling Mason

Former Loft Warehouse Meets Its Match in Tribeca


This new 33-unit condominium in New York’s historic Tribeca neighborhood is composed of two buildings, a restored and converted 1905 coffee and tea warehouse on Washington Street and a matching addition on Greenwich Street, from which an interior landscaped courtyard has been created. Influenced by Andy Warhol’s Double Elvis, 1963, the addition has been conceived as a mirror image of the existing brick and terracotta warehouse, equal in size and proportion, with every detail of the historic masonry façade rendered in an aluminum panel skin with a plasma finish. The effect of the new building is like a photographic negative or ghostly reflection of the original. Like an analog and a digital watch, each building tells the same time in very different media.


Image Credit: Matthew Williams, DBOX

New York, NY
115,000 sf
Seven stories
33 units

LPC Tribeca North Historic District

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